Our wallets are the originals, made in America, using our own local waste tubes and they are incredibly durable. We use heavy-duty industrial thread and our sewers have 15 years of experience sewing these styles. Because we use different types and thicknesses of reclaimed rubber along with low profile snaps, these wallets are slimmer in your pocket than other rubber wallets you will find on the market. Our wallets survive the occasional accidental trip through the washing machine with grace, and get smoother, shinier, and better looking as they age. (to see more images please email us)

Card and ID Holders (***Card Case 30% off)
Our smallest wallets are great for a night of dancing.

Folding Card Wallets
Slim and light, these fit easily into a front pocket.

Standard Wallets
Our most popular family of wallets are the standard bifold styles.

Wallets with Coin Pockets
Two sizes of Standard wallet with a snap coin pocket. The larger one is great for traveling since it easily fits bigger foreign currency.

Double Snap Wallets
Secure and durable wallets that have a D-ring that allows you to attach your own chain or keys.

Checkbook Sized Wallets
3 styles ranging from minimal to roomy.

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